The World Turned

The world turned….
I see chest of drawers, wardrobes, tv, painted models
dusty abandoned, bandana’s “The Ladder” is playing softly mingling with barking and chirping.

My world turned….
I see old scripts discarded sketches that never existed a pile of art pads, note books, models, pencils
Paints an assortment of artistic implments.
The world turns….
I see an army on parade permanently waiting inspection, I breathe the air incense lingering on the air
a hint of sandalwood. I see my prize a trophy of a successful hunt the complete E.E.Doc Smith Skylark series complete with original box.
My world turns….
I see yellow mellow walls sea blue trimmings dust motes dancing like fireflies trapped..performing silently for some unseen audience.
I lose myself in their pattern almost catching the rythm, time.
The world turned….
I remember ancient battles, re-enacted bitter defeats, glorious victories
This is my world, this is their dance, their celebration, memorial.
This is my world.

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