The university allowed me to write two dissertations in my final year. One was on Matrilocal and Patrilocal lineages within Macedonian nobility with a focus on the royal lines and the other was one Gaming as a Fictional form. I nearly tore my hair out with the Macedonian paper due in no small part to a significant bias in source materials. The real gem for me was being granted the right to write on video games and their associated literature ranging from ingame lore through to novelizations. A major aspect that I looked at was the thematic structures and intertextuality within gaming as well as the sociological and ideological concepts portrayed by gaming narratives.
Allow me to reiterate the university allowed me to write on video games. My original plan was tofocus on the intertextuality between games, movies, comics, music and literature. The university however wanted me to focus my research entirely on the gaming aspect. They even granted me a bursary of £500 which was to be spent on research materials.
I have no idea how either piece has been recieved yet although I have been told that the History dissertation was a respectable piece of work. I’m not sure if that is good or bad :-).

So I got my feedback both pieces were of a good standard, probably my strongest ever. However I was 4 days late handing both pieces in I was unaware of the deadline changes due to my email accounts having been hacked. Sadly both piece were penalized by twenty percent. Ah well live and learn eh?

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