Tired of the Sectarian hatred

Yesterday saw a riot over a flag.
Welfare reforms are due to be introduced which will make life harder for those on the border line of poverty.
Housing is due to be reformed and will see poor families, single people and members of the LGBT community find it harder to get accommodation or be charged an excess of every spare room.

Yesterday saw a riot over a flag.
More and more jobs are being lost and people still cry for a united Ireland without realizing just how bad the financial consequences of that will be.
Some people still believe that every protestant is a Scottish plantation owner and should be kicked out of the country in which they were born.
I have spent fourteen years working for peace and reconciliation only to be told fuck off you protestant bastard.

Yesterday saw a riot over a flag.
My father talked about his family yesterday, his grandfather and his brother fought in World War One His great uncle never came home his body lying in a forgotten field  His grandfather came home only to be ostracized because he was a communist who worked with Catholics. The irony being my fathers family came from the Markets and had been catholic they spoke Irish and English. My fathers Great gand mother married a protestant and yet a small demographic would see us all shipped out of a Catholic country.

Yesterday saw a riot over a flag.
A field, a march.
My mother found a long lost relative living in Dingle a Padraic O’Snodaigh a teacher of Irish who has no english.
He shared a story of how two brothers had lived and worked on a farm until they were told to change religion or lose the farm
One brother ran away became a rebel, kept his religion the other changed his name and religion, still he lost the farm.

Yesterday saw a riot over a flag.
I am a protestant
Nationality Northern Irish,
My family tree is a nightmare of crossed roots
So deeply entwined in Irish soil as pervasive as the nettles and the black berry,
The magpie and the raven.

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