Art centers and funding

What gets me is that 13 state of the art art centers where built using Arts Council and National Lottery money of those thirteen only 5 of them are proving profitable. The Old Museum Arts Center still belongs to the council and will do so until 2015 they have to maintain it so its eating funds whilst the Mac is sitting there generating a small income. They have admitted that they got carried away but here’s the thing several times during the construction of the Mac the funders tried to pull the plug. There is too much concern with statues and sculpture and creating edifices to contain the arts. That’s all well and good but as long as funding for artists and groups keeps dwindling your going to end up with a lot of under used buildings. There is a sculpture near the M1 at the bottom of the Falls which was part of the Changing Images scheme and the artists involved stated that they failed to connect with the local residents on the scheme and yet construction went ahead. I’ve actually heard people saying the money would have been better off given to community developments and groups. 2013 is here now so hopefully this will give people a chance to redirect some of these energies.

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