Northern Ireland ‘The Troubles’ and influences.

Growing up during the Troubles wasn’t easy my family had to move several times because of violence on the streets. My parents tried to give us a good upbringing free from violence and to believe in equality. Sadly violence kept finding us there was one event in particular which haunted me for most of my life I’ve written about it several times and turned it into works of poetry. One of my poems about growing up during the Troubles was accepted for publication.

A lot of my work has been influenced in some ways by what went on here. I have tried to make my work as neutral as possible but the simple truth is that violence leaves a taint on us, on our work. Why neutral then? Why not ‘pick a side’? Because it isn’t football, it isn’t about glorification of past deeds. Rather my poetry is aimed at the shared experiences the sorrows, regrets and hopes which everyone has.

For those interested I present the poem below the publication isn’t out yet but I’ll post updates as soon as it is.

Childhood’s End

(published in Solstice 1)


I was 7 and a half

When I lost my


I had many friends

My closest was called Peter.

Your actions turned him

Against me, my family

My religion.

Home became a prison

School a place of fear.

You who embraced anger

Stoked the fires of Hatred

Used violence to give yourself a voice.

I was 7 and a half

your deaths stole my childhood

My home, my friends.

Only now at 35 can I look back

And realize that was the beginning

Of all my later emotional problems.

I still bear the emotional scars wounds that run deep.

I no longer hate you for what you took from me.

And yet, I Still Wake In The Dark Afraid

Because of you.

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