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Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976). His most recent work has appeared  in ditch,Gobbet Magazine, Ink Sweat & Tears, Ygdrasil, Establishment, Carcinogenic, Primal Urge, Stride, A New Ulster, etc. A second full length collection, ‘Attributes’, was published by ‘Desperanto’ in 2011. ‘Lapwing Publications, (Ireland), also published a collection of his poems, ‘The Non Herein’, in 2012 & The Knives, Forks & Spoons Press, (U.K), will release ‘Emblems’ and also an ekphrastic book of text/ art, ‘Machinations’ later this year. He also has two projects forthcoming from Quarter After Press. He edits Bone Orchard Poetry, a webzine of the bleak/ the dark/ the surreal and the experimental:


Six poems by Michael Mc Aloran


Severed winds…sunken foothold…(say it)…nothing more…

Breathless the eye…the locked jaw…emptied socket…absolute/ done for…

Vacant rooms of clogged time…silent memories…darkness…

Bone/ exposed sunlight…smeared teeth…zero point…in-dreaming…

Scratch and scrape at…(say it again)…all done yet all unknown…

Hollow eye…dead feel of…subtle light and then…

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