Belfast Bred & Take Back the City

It probably comes as no surprise but the protests continue on a daily basis. What the press does not reflect is that for the most part city life and shopping continue unmolested. A recent initiative called Take Back the City saw a group of people being given a chance to engage in Kabosh’s Belfast Bred. Here’s my experience.

Belfast Bred presented by Kabosh. There is one golden rule to a Kabosh production expect the unexpected. The Belfast Bred is a prime example of that. Part walking tour, part foodie heaven and part interactive theatre in which the audience pays an important part. Here there is no fourth wall and no blinding stage lights to mask the audience. We start with Barney a chef from the Titanic frozen in the ice and only recently thawed in a similar fashion to Captain America. He leads us on a merry and somewhat swift paced tour of the city engaging in banter and introducing to such places as Sawers, McHugh’s and Nick’s Warehouse.

We are presented with a culinary treat and a historical lesson of old Belfast along the way. As a historian and an ex student of catering I was very interested in the many anecdotes and historical tid bits. Barney’s banter was jovial and yet delivered a sense of loss of the Old Belfast that the character knew you get a sense of the soullessness of some of our modern architecture. We are volunteered to help find local ingredients for a feast based on one of the meals served on Titanic and we are introduced to many of the characters form that fateful voyage by Barney on our tour. Along the way we witnessed the large police presence and Barney did a wonderful job of making light of the situation “Hey boy there’s no need for all of this I’m no celebrity”. If you get the chance I would recommend trying the Belfast Bred tour.


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