The Welfare Reform for Northern Ireland has not been passed yet.

There is still time to stop this madness for passing and yes this is more important than what flag you wave or what football team you support. Spread the word we can save thousands of families from becoming crushed into oblivion.

****IMPORTANT**** The Welfare Reform has NOT yet been passed here in Northern Ireland! If you or someone you know is affected by this, then PLEASE get involved and let the politicians know your stance!

I know this will annoy someone out there, but I will say it anyway: THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY FLAG!!! 

This “reform” (if passed) will see many people facing cuts to their Housing Benefit of up to 25%…could you afford to cover that if it was you? Could the average disabled person? The average single parent? The average young couple? The average family?

If not, could you actually afford to move? What about work – can you afford the new commute? Schools – are you fine with facing yet another round of applying for a place at a decent school or nursery? Do you have a disabled child or family member – could they easily cope with moving or would it be distressing? 

And for those that are willing to try to move to “appropriate” housing, do the Housing Executive have somewhere for you to move to? Because to put it very bluntly: the average private rental simply isn’t going to fall within the amount of Housing Benefit that you are entitled to anyway. Which would leave you still having to pay the excess.

So can we please pull together on this and get it sorted out properly? 

Thank you 🙂

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