Transphobia and bad blood.

Cornucopia the name means abundance and in Northern Ireland it also means one of the few Goth nights in the city. It is usually a safe place a quiet place. However the last night was spoilt by a transphobic incident what makes this matter worse is that it was instigated between old friends a fact I recently became aware off. The incident part of an ongoing string of ugliness which disturbs me greatly On Halloween the same people tried to have the person of Transgender removed from The Kremlin saying they had been harassing them. This was not the case as I was there that night and the person never left our table (there were three of us present four if you count the barman).

            I chose not to speak out about that particular incident I thought given time these things would go away. It didn’t as was witnessed at Cornucopia. The two people who tried to have T removed from the Kremlin turned up at Cornucopia an evening that they normally don’t go to. I’m not going to name names however I will say this they are members of the LGBT community. I am not homophobic I believe in LGBT rights, marriage equality and I also believe that more needs to be done for people with Autism. I did not go to Cornucopia I was broke but I did here about the incident from three separate sources. One of whom was the victim. So I posted about it on my Facebook page. There were some details I didn’t know or chose to leave out but the fact is a large crowd turned up to harass someone because of their identity as trans and because of a past friendship gone sour.

            The Facebook post has been taken down it would seem someone reported it.

Here is my original post “I am very disheartened to learn of two transphobic attacks at Queen’s Students Union last Saturday. Security tried their best but a crowd deliberately turned up to cause trouble. In the end one of the victims of this abuse was forced to leave because the staff here concerned about their safety sadly along the route to the taxi they experienced a torrent of abuse. As a graduate of Queen’s and a supporter of Trans issues I have encouraged one of them to report the issue to the PSNI.”. As you can see I don’t mention anyone or attack or use any offensive language and yet someone felt that it did.

            I have a good idea who reported it as they sent me a somewhat confusing message a mix of threats and pleading they made a mistake though as they mentioned some of the events from Saturday night which I was unaware of including an incident in the toilets at the Students Union. To conclude two transgendered people were harassed by a group of friends who had a grudge against one of them and the incident has been turned over to the PSNI. I posted about it in good faith I feel that personal issues should be left at the door of any night club that people should be able to enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Finally I will be going to the next Cornucopia to keep an eye out in case any more incidents occur. 

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