Victimization as a franchise in Post Conflict societies.

Last night I saw a play by Tinderbox a local theatre company. The play was well directed, the set was well designed and the cast of four delivered their roles well.

I did have issues with the play it takes a very cynical look some would say sensationalist look at green politics, sterility and stress and it cast a very cynical look at the franchising of Post Conflict resolution. 

I’m not going to deny that some have profited from the Post Conflict status of modern societies such as Bosnia, Northern Ireland and beyond but this play labelled all such groups as being about profit. I felt that the writer hadn’t actually engaged in any in depth research and there are plenty of sources which show that post conflict societies still need time to heal. The Nolan Report, the Intercultural Europe report to name just two examples.


I was watching some of the imagery being played in the background for one of the segments and found myself experiencing a flashback. I was unfortunate enough to have been caught in a bomb when I was 18 the imagery brought it crashing back like a wave. I was left in tears, shaking and unable to articulate. I Don’t think I should have seen the play or there maybe should have been a warning of some sort. Was the play any good? Did it have a logical conclusion? Yes and no the ending was lacklustre and felt tacked on and was way too sensationalist all the worlds crops fail at once. I can see that it was designed to make people think but instead of having one main theme it featured three and they all suffered because of it. Normally in a play you have a main theme, several minor themes and a conflict and (usually) a resolution. 


It was unsatisfactory and I’m not sure that I can recommend it the audience was split down the middle 50% didn’t like it or get it the rest did. The Play is called Planet Belfast and is currently showing in The Mac.

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