Poetry competition (its free)

Monthly Poem Contest 
Submission Guidelines

What Nostrovia! Poetry Is Looking For

This contest winner’s poem is not decided by the number of obscure words the poet uses.  The poem is not chosen based on length, or whether the poem is free verse or structured.  It is not decided by the number of magazines you have been published in, or the number of chapbooks you’ve put out.  Though I do love receiving poetry submissions from the youth, it is not decided by age. 

The winner is decided by a poem’s content and quality, the poet’s ability to convey their message, and how unique the submitted poem is.

A winner’s poem can be dark or kinky, beautiful or funny, spiteful or serious.  

You can submit horror poems, free verse or rhyming, obscene or clean cut.  Poems about the moon and stars are accepted just as poems discussing violence and tragedy are.

Did you mess around with the poem’s format?  Experimental poems are accepted.  

Do you have a fantastic spoken word poem you’ve been working on?  These are accepted as well.

Just as with Milk & Honey Siren and Too Obscene, the goal of this contest is to have a diverse amount of poems archived for your reading pleasure.  

Do You Accept Previously Published Poems?  What About Simultaneous Submissions?

Yes, we accept simultaneous submissions.  Though if the other press receiving your work requires sole publishing rights, and is accepted, please immediately let us know as quickly as possible.  

Previously published content is acceptable, but let’s go over the definition of “previously published“.  

A poem that was published years ago by a dead press is acceptable.  A poem published 6 months ago by a living press is acceptable.  A poem published a month ago, and is still in circulation, comes off as a little greedy, doesn’t it?

We’ll set this as the guidelines for previously published work;  if the poem was published less than two months ago, then no, it will not be accepted for publication through Nostrovia! Poetry.

If it’s only been published on a personal blog or website, then submit away!  

No matter what though, if it’s been previously published, we require a link to where it is currently available.  If no link is available, please explain where it was published and when.

How Many Submissions Do You Accept A Month?

We accept up to two submissions per poet a month.  This means two separate poems.  Any more than that will ensure that your poems are rejected.      

The more you blow up my inbox, the less likely you will win.  Especially if you repeatably submit the same poem.

How Should I Format My Submission?

Submit your poem in the body of an email and put in the subject the poem’s name. This will help speed up the process.  If it is a video or recording, email the recording as an attached file.  Index pages and multiple poem feeds will be ignored. Do not link to your website or blog through submission.    

If you want a link to your website/blog included along with your poem, provide the links in the email.  The final decision whether a link will be included is up to Nostrovia! Poetry.  I cannot promise all links will be used.

Where Do I Send My Submission?

Send all submissions to jeremiahwalton [at] nostroviatowriting.com
Small Print
Copyright for all writing remains with the author. Nostrovia! Poetry reserves the right to alter the Submission Guidelines at any time.  Nostrovia! Poetry requests the right to publish and archive until Nostrovia! Poetry, if so decides, decides to remove it.  We have the right to remove poem from winner’s gallery at any time deemed necessary.  We have the right to use your poem in promotions and other aspects of Nostrovia! Poetry related to activity, as long as Nostrovia! Poetry gives credit to the author of the piece. 

Nostrovia! Poetry also reserves the right to publish winning poems through an anthology composed of contest winners.       

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