New poems

Night Terrors.

Cryptid passages of the darkened mind,

Here in these alcoves lurk the bitterest/

Of memories/                  

                                Here there is only fear.


Within these chambers of the mind,

Snow globes contained the pleasant/


                                Shake the globe and relive them.


Eldritch markings on the floor.. a secret?

Or more likely a child’s claw marks/

Poisoned memories/

                                                He drank from the well.


The dust of ages blanks the passages of the mind,

Somewhere a caged beast rattles at its/

Chains memory forgot/

                                                The labyrinthine walls hold.


At the dark heart a Pandora’s box a prison of the mind,

Locked within the child rocks while nightmares sleep/

The box is a lie/

                                Prisons of the mind will fall.


Snow moments


For a beautiful moment the world stood still,

crystal clarity of the chill air,

clouds stooped still,

a pregnant pause.


The trees so recently in motion,

waited as birds alighted,

the sky cleared of snow,

silence fell around me.


I breathed in the moment greedily tried,

to own it,

possess it forever,

It started at first a lonely sound in the distance a dog barking.


I let the moment go clouds started to move,

the trees swayed hypnotically,

birds took to flight as I bent my back

to the work at hand cleared the steps of snow.


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