USI gender equality

And so it came to pass that Irish student politics slips backwards into mediocrity and complacency. Student politics used to be at the heart of political change and human rights movements throughout Ireland. Being a student even if only on the periphery of student politics made you feel that you had done something positive. That all ended today. Today the next generation of leaders, thinkers and activists voted against retaining their existing stance on highlighting and combating inequality in all of its forms. “In an unexpected move, delegates at USI National Congress have voted against retaining an existing motion mandating the organisation to run a campaign highlighting gender inequality in Irish society and to promote female involvement at decision making levels. Moreover, in a separate motion, delegates have also voted against a call for USI to encourage more women to run for positions on committees and boards within the organisation.” We appear to have embraced the ideology that women are property, that equality is dormant or dead. I only hope that the LGBT and marriage equality movements don’t follow suite. The student body has become a tool for the existing Patriarchal system and ideologies. What next will we all be forced to workhouses if we fail to keep up with standards? When will they dig out Victorian dress codes and strict gender ethics? Over reaction? Possibly but just think how far backwards our forward thinking USI has sunk.

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