Art and alcoholism

I sucked at French at school my French teacher ended up getting me transferred from her class into a subject I’d always wanted to do namely Art and Design. My style for need of a word was influenced by various subjects and materials I loved working with pencil, ink, watercolour, acrylics and I also used biro’s. One of my mentors was an art teacher and family friend she encouraged my experimental approaches to art and set tasks. This post though isn’t about art its about alcoholism. I’ve seen lives devastated by alcohol my friend was one of those who’s past had driven them to drink. The alcohol removed the pain of the past but at a heavy price. I’m not going to name names especially on FB as these thing tend to get back to people and to be honest a family has suffered enough. The drink won, my mentor died because her liver failed this was years ago but last week it was brought back to me when another friend passed away from the same disease. I suppose I’m in a reflective mood. Alcohol can destroy lives and yet when your young you don’t think about the long term effects of heavy drinking. I’ve been an alcoholic myself back around 96′ up to 98′ instead of facing my problems I hid behind a bottle usually red wine. I managed to get myself clean but it took ages to do so. I still paint, draw and write but each piece reminds me at times of the darkest moments of my past.

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