What is a decent person?

I always wonder what constitutes a decent person? For years I thought that it was holding the door for people letting those older than yourself ahead in the queue, not stealing and not being selfish. 

So what does a decent person do? what do they look like? 

Well I don’t think we can really answer either question fully as there is no common consensus of what a decent person is. Or is there? I’ve been obsessing over this lately I suppose its because of recent health issues or just turning forty 🙂

I give to charities, during the cold weather checked up on my elderly neighbours and I believe that a person can be decent without being religious. I don’t judge people on their religious or political preferences even if I don’t support their parties actions or manifesto and i believe in supporting LGBT rights. I even support equal marriage for those who want it.

Ironically while there are many who would applaud my stance and the causes I believe in there are others who would condemn them. So am I decent person? Perhaps a decent person is just another persons devil in disguise?

Complicated isn’t it? I’m probably over analysing the situation but here’s the rub I hold the door open for someone or some people eg a family I’m a decent person I hold the door open for a young woman I’m a perv, a letch and so on….. 

There are days you ask yourself why bother.

However every day I try to do one good thing, be it a deed, a simple piece of conversation or a donation to charity. Speaking of charity I have a pool of ten I donate too each because I believe in the work that they do. I can’t give to any more than that I can’t afford too. I’m waiting on hospital treatment for two herniated discs between the l3/4 and l4/5 regions. You can’t work when you can’t move anything, or walk far or well you get the idea. I’m currently on meds I may need surgery for the injury that worries me as I’ve been told that it can lead to paralysis….still so can the injury if not treated properly. So I’m now on a health regime which sucks. 


So back to the question at hand am I a decent person?

Time will tell.

I suppose.

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