The Liebster Blog Award

Hello world on this Sunday which perfectly sums up the words “April is the Cruellest month” (Elliott’s, The Wasteland). Its drizzly and warm all at the same time  

Belfast blogger, and writer, Neil J Burns ( I met Neil through my work with A New Ulster Here’s his blog – )asked me to answer these eleven questions below –

(1). If you could be any type of animal,  what would you be and why?

Ah a difficult question my answer would probably be between a Therianthrope or a badger, a therianthrope is a creature which is an amalgam of human and animal traits, a human who can become an animal so a were badger then that way I get the best of both worlds.

I have always had a deep respect for badgers and where we live they sometimes come into our street at night.

(2). Is there anything you collect? If so, what?

I collect books I have books on history, religions of the world, atheism, classical literature, horror and literary translations of ancient texts from around the world. I also collect memories, photographs and little lead (not really lead anymore) soldiers.

(3). What is the overall goal of your blog?

Ah an interesting question it started out as a place to sort my head out mainly health issues and poetry. Over time it has become something of a platform for discussing poetry, the local poetry scene, hate crimes and social issues. I’ve also used it to share ‘trade secrets’ from my experiences with small indie presses so as to help people when they seek publication. Finally its a place to keep the past legacy of the peace and reconciliation work that happened here in Northern Ireland alive.

(4). How do you feel in big crowds of people?

I have social anxiety disorder, I don’t cope well with crowds of people very well. My reactions range from the minor anxious, jittery and fear to full blown panic attacks. I’m working on improving it but so far I can only go to crowded places in a group or on a good day with just one other person. I am working on improving it and have deliberately gone to a few small venue events to confront my demons.

(5). Mobile phones (cell phones) – what’s your opinion of them?

I think for most people they have become an integral part of life. I first got one so that I could go to nightclubs to keep an eye on my youngest sibling. They had been assaulted several times and well I’m a pacifist however I thought “I can phone for help if need be” since then I wouldn’t be without one although for the most part it is just a glorified mp3 player, quick camera and speech recorder.

(6). If you could decorate your home in any style, what would that be?

I think I would love a decluttered lifestyle with open planning and Moroccan style carpets with browns and greens nice earthly colours.

(7). Do you believe in Extraterrestrials?

It depends on what or how you define an extraterrestrial. If you mean little grey men or something along those lines then possibly not (although it could explain the classical worldview of angels and other divine beings). See the biblical description of an archangel for example old temple paintings etc. Personally I think Extraterrestrial life will be so very different from us that we may not have the tools to describe it. We think in carbon molecules for example.

(8). If you could meet any mythological creature, what would it be and why?

Probably a centaur they represented for the Ancient Greeks the battle between civility and man’s inherent barbarity. They also served a role in the Romanized world right up to Constantine’s time. A rare sculpt showed Constantine in a chariot being pulled by centaurs.   The Macedonian’s introduced us to the concept of Centaurid’s a feminine of the species. If I could meet one of the species it would probably be Chiron.

(9).  Would you rather stay busy or have a lot of free time? Why?

Both we need to have free time to unwind so that we can through ourselves firmly into our workload.

(10). If you would have a chance to travel to the moon, would you do it?

It would be interesting to stand on the Moon to stare back at Earth and to reflect on how these two worlds were once one world.

(11). What music album are you still frequently listening to now that you also
listened to years ago?

I listen to classical, Opera, heavy metal, goth, electrical, ebm and some industrial one album I still listen to would be Pink Floyd’s Momentary Lapse of Reason.

I’ll pass these questions onto the following bloggers.

And now to pass on the award –

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