Part 2: Being Queer and Muslim at NUS BSC Conference 2013

5 pillars and 6 colours

Overheard by a delegate who wishes to remain anonymous:

‘I’m offended Maryam referred to herself as queer and Muslim.’

I must add that conference was not a safe space, so much so that the delegate who overheard this did not feel secure enough to challenge what she heard. It really is a sorry state of affairs when at an NUS event, a Liberation conference and ultimately, a Black Students’ Conference, students feel unsafe to challenge ideas and perceptions but to them.

All too often I come across people who identify as LGBTQ that used to identify as religious too. They felt at such odds with their religion because of how their fellow worshippers behaved towards them because of their sexuality and they felt that the only way to deal with this was to leave their religion even though they still believed in it and ultimately, still believed in God.


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