For Abbie and Dog Walkers in general

Your amber eyes watch my every step as I drift from chore to chore,

You don’t judge, offer advice you just watch with an innocence,

Crumbseeker I call you your penchant for finding every last scrap

Always amuses.


Your amber eyes and charcoal coat glisten in the sunlight as waters

Trickle by I remember your first foray into water carried in my arms,

You quivered at the cold oceans touch, now you wade in recklessly

Paddling, water is your second home.


Your amber eyes twinkle from under the mud flecked coat

I sigh in exasperation there are never enough towels to dry you

Walks in winter always turn to this, you finding the biggest mudhole,

Wallowing nay revelling in it your first home.


Your amber eyes are closed now your snores louder than thunder,

You lye stretched on stolen blankets head buried in my shoes,

I try to move you over, you turn it into a game I collapse on the floor

You win this time.


Your amber eyes watch me with concern you walk slowly beside me

I feel your worry every time I stumble and yet you are there always helping

Holding me up leaning just there turning a fall into a stumble

You enjoy these gentle walks near our home

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