More poetry and news.



Every decision made

every choice took

control, fate, reaction

caught in entropy.

Fate decided by an

ivory cube

which face will it be?

what choice will be?

One to six

this game is predeterimined

We are all pieces in a cosmic


The die is cast

a loaded choice

we cast them anyway.




we keep waiting.


Past, present, future

aspects of a life yet lived.

Wardrums echo drown out the pipes of peace.

Names serve no meaning here anonymity is our

only defence.

past, present, future

dreamt the unquiet sleepers.

Law or disorder

our avatavistic need, our presence flet.

Scars are all we leave in our wake.

past, present, future

walls of torment collapse.

Representatives in another place

we scurry beneath the pleasure palaces,

win lose or draw the battle goes on.

Well I’ve had work published again this time in an anthology due out next month and in

finally A New Ulster 9 is taking submissions. Issue 8 has been read world wide which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

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