The Non Herein by Michael Mc Aloran

The Non Herein is the latest book of poetry by Michael Mc Aloran the book can be bought here

There is a natural flow to the order of these poems. A stream of nihilism which takes the reader through a carcass of decay. I was reminded of the despair found in Dada-ism especially the concept of anti art. Michael’s work de-constructs the written word, he dismantles it before the readers eyes each stanza picked bare the bones of the form left bare for the reader to touch.

There are times when the words seem to writhe on the page bound and unbound at the same time. It is at times a dark journey but one which the reader enjoys nonetheless.


Into Echoing –

Sun dead
In a lash of teaming
Jugular ash
Spit upon the carcass
Of it
As if to breathe
In some scuttling
In the scum of
Torn into echoing 

(from The Non Herein)

The work reminds me of past religions long since left in the dust and the slaughterhouse both of which see things de-constructed and the poetry combined to tear some ancient titan asunder. 

Vacant Of-

Breathless the eye
Of the begun
(spoken less of)
Tracing the night’s
Meat to tear
In sun sank spun
Of Ashes
Cadaver guillotine
Noose/ dread/ scuttling
In the dark
Muscle of pulse
All the while the ebbing
And the absence
Of all
Traceless as the eye
Vacant of pupil’s light


These are just two of the poems that nestle within the pages of The Non Herein and I would highly recommend the book. Its always a pleasure to find a book of poetry which proves hard to put down that immerses you and leaves you wanting more The Non Herein accomplishes just that. 

Another more in depth review can be found here;

also you can visit Michael’s poetry blog

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