Here’s a quick excerpt from the first edition by Canola Editions.

By E.V. Greig
(An excerpt from The Legend of Graymyrh.)
Kebe was unchanged. The ancient desert citadel loomed above the dunes, stone walls stained russet with the dust of countless storms. A tattered rainbow of faded silk and sackcloth tents and bazaars clogged the steep streets and narrow plazas. In the main square, a huge fountain bubbled – its life giving waters tinted blood red from their subterranean journey. Jealously guarded, the waters were gathered into clay pots, loaded onto carts and wagons and spirited away to the temple district for purification. Days later, the now safe to drink liquid was sold to the population at an exorbitant rate. In the desert, there were few willing to argue with those that could purify a well and so the temple priests grew fat from the profits made off what ought to have been a free service. Still, Eltornius was not there to concern himself with the dealings of corrupt priests. He had one last chance to find the one he sought. He could not afford to falter in his quest; if the woman he sought were to fall into the wrong hands then all was lost. Her unborn child was the key to Graymyrh’s entire fate. His divinations had led him here, but Kebe was still a vast city. Searching it was going to take precious time and worse yet, he could not be certain of how much time he really had.

(Hope you enjoyed it!)

Canola Editions is the next venture from Lapwing Publications and A New Ulster. Submissions will be opening soon.

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