Researchers finds gender far from fixed in the embryo, sex cells must be actively prevented from changing

Thought provoking.


heli hirveleTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — New paradigm shifting research shows that gonads (testicles and ovaries) have to actively prevent some sex cells from switching to the other gender throughout one’s entire life.

In Medical Xpress, Dr David Zarkower of University of Minnesota Medical School and College of Biological Sciences said: “Scientists have long assumed that once the sex determination decision is made in the embryo, it’s final. We have now discovered that when [a male development gene] is lost in mouse testes – even in adults – many male cells become female cells and the testes show signs of becoming more like ovaries.”

National Institutes of Health’s Dr. Susan Haynes in the same publication: “This work shows that sex determination in mammals can be surprisingly prone to change, and must be actively maintained throughout an organism’s lifetime.”


This is going to impact the scientific community in a big way…

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