Seamus Heaney Tribute.

A tribute to Seamus Heaney.

Through the red bricked arches of history we both stalked these corridors of knowledge
Wordsmith, literary farmer you culled the errant words guided your flock into a semblance of order.

As you dug into the classics with pen in hand my father guided me to your words;
‘O’ levels haunted my night digging for meaning in a salute to the past.

Your presence brought silence to hallowed halls even mice waited with baited breath for you to speak,
Pearls of wisdom each one I clung to them a precious gift.

Silence my tongue cleft to my mouth the words dried, died as I shook your hand in abject awe
I grinned like a maniac my copy of Beowulf clasped to my chest.

All I ever wanted to say was thank you for the spark which drove my fascination with the past
Gone now! Shed this physicality you have become something more a legend for the new age.

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One Response to Seamus Heaney Tribute.

  1. Mike says:

    Eloquent homage.

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