‘The Perspicacity of Repetition’: Heller Levinson’s Hinge Theory – an essay by Paul Stubbs

An excellent essay which looks at the writings of Heller Levinson

Paul Stubbs, poet


The Perspicacity of Repetition (TheBirthofHingeTheory)


Books by Heller Levinson

SmellingMary, Howling Dog Press, 2008

From Stone This Running, Black Widow Press, 2011

Hinge Trio, (with Linda Lynch and Felino A. Soriano), La Alameda Press, 2012


To enrich the latent possibilities of poetry by undermining it, adding to the sterility of its virtues by dragging the chain of its ever-loosening syntax into the void, is the limitless devotion Heller Levinson has set himself with ‘Hinge Theory’—which is what, in these three books, has managed to spin the last cry of man (today) into a sun already blackened by the final ‘full-stop’ of humankind. So what is Hinge Theory? Levinson explains: ‘Hinge, as a highly advanced incorporation of “language games” provides a self-regenerative expansive logic, which, as it shifts its shape into increasingly complex forms of linguistic relation, offers…

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