Poets who inspire me; Michael Mc Aloran

Michael Mc Aloran. His poetry is a challenge to established norms and there is no such thing as a casual read. You dive into his books and you struggle with the tide of words the abattoir landscape almost reminds me of the music generated by decaying whale sinew the same sound which legend has it inspired Canola to make the first Harp. Every page is a journey of discovery and insight into a surreal landscape and when you put the book down you want to read more. His work can be found here http://www.paraphiliamagazine.com/oneirosbooks/all-steppedundone/ , here http://www.paraphiliamagazine.com/oneirosbooks/in-damage-seasons/ and herehttps://sites.google.com/a/lapwingpublications.com/lapwing-store/michael-mc-alora

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