The Legend of Graymyrh

The Legend of Graymyrh is an Experimental High Fantasy series for adult readers. A reimagining of traditional tropes and roles within High Fantasy creates a vibrant and darkly humorous world setting. With sentient magic, convoluted prophecies, meddling deity figures, graphic descriptions of sex and violence, mad dragons, frequent swearing, not quite elves, an alliterative witchfinder, giant spiders, the restless dead, invading daemons, and a talking cat – really what more could you ask for?
Author and illustrator E.V. Greig is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast, where she studied Ancient History and English. She is the first Northern Irish author to explore the genre of Experimental High Fantasy. The Legend of Graymyrh is her first published series of novels, and was kindly supported by the Arts Council NI and National Lottery through SIAP 2013.
Links to the first three novels in The Legend of Graymyrh are listed below. The series is also available to purchase via Amazon.
Book One “Blood and Ashes”:
Book Two “To Forge a Kingdom”:
Book Three “Fall and Rise”:

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