Patreon to Europe on #VATMOSS: “Not our problem, mate.”

I had thought about using Patreon to generate funds for ANU glad I didn’t now as this looks bad.

WebDevLaw blog

Last month I wrote about Patreon’s rather creative interpretation of the VATMOSS rules. At the time, I replied to their email with a far clearer and more accurate explanation of how VATMOSS works than they had apparently received from their clueless consultants at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Sadly, Patreon have now confirmed that they will not be fulfilling their obligations as a third party provider. (Note: Patreon’s taxes page has gone offline – what a coincidence – but here’s what it said.) People who use Patreon as creators to share digital output within the EU will be personally responsible for calculating and processing VATMOSS taxes for each and every patron.

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