Project Nightingale…/…/1508953651/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_1 My wife’s latest novel is out here’s one of the reviews

“Project Nightingale is an exciting read, fast paced, pared down to the bone, a gush of a novel, set deep within a dangerous, murky world of future global espionage. Complex characters leap from the page into an unnervingly believable scenario where nothing and no one are quite as they seem. E.V. Greig intimates much, trusts the intelligence of her reader, and shows throughout a thoroughly convincing knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of spies and spying. Unlike some other novels in the genre E.V. Greig’s female characters are central, powerful and do not conform to stereotype – but then neither do the males. If a female director, Sigourney Weaver perhaps, got hold of this I could see Project Nightingale becoming the basis of an innovative and feminist ‘action’ movie.
I really enjoyed this novel, and would be more than happy to recommend it to other readers – particularly to women like myself – who generally find this genre far too macho for their taste.”

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