New crime novel

In the Canyons of Shadow and Light

Authored by Emily Donoho; Cover design or artwork by Amos Grieg; Prepared for publication by Upatree Press

Publication Date: May 05 2015

ISBN/EAN13:151205268X / 9781512052688

Page Count: 514

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 6″ x 9″

Language: English

Color: Black and White

Related Categories: Fiction / Psychological/Police Procedural/American Literature

About the Author:

Emily Donoho was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1983. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mount Holyoke College, a master’s degree in history of science from the University of Durham, and a PhD in the historical geography of medicine from the University of Glasgow. She currently resides in Scotland.

About the Novel:

Delve into the depths of humanity and criminal justice with Homicide Detective Alex Boswell, in this thought provoking debut novel. Emily Donoho escorts her readers on a breath taking journey through the city that never sleeps, and the restless mind of one of its most dedicated servants. A tattered veteran of the NYPD, Boswell is a man beset: the combined weight of his case load and personal life grinding him down. The white lights are blinding, and the skyscrapers are closing in. It’s time to reach for the shore or drown trying – In the Canyons of Shadow and Light.


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