E.V. Greig author, editor and literary mentor

E.V. Greig is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast, where she studied Ancient History and English. A native of Northern Ireland, the author has also lived and worked in Scandinavia – which was an amazing opportunity despite the terrifying electrical storms and overly curious elk! Despite being married, she has not managed to avoid owning several cats. She sometimes mentors other writers and authors; providing them with beta-reading, editing advice, and reviews.

Here are her thoughts on her own work:

Regarding “The Legend Of Graymyrh” (High Fantasy trilogy, first published 2014)

“Honestly, it owes me nothing; I learned a fair bit from developing it and I’m definitely a better writer because of that. Is it great? No, but it’s not completely awful either. It’s a High Fantasy meets Fairytale amidst the remains of a crumbling Fourth Wall, and was chiefly an experiment in whether anyone would notice my challenging the expected roles and tropes! More seriously, there are some very dark themes involved, and please don’t read it if you expect happy endings. It’s not that sort of story.”

Regarding “Project Nightingale” (Cyphernoire novella, first published 2015)

“I’m deeply fond of this little book. It’s a story written around the edges of things, and as such it gets to address the bigger pictures. I chose to set it in the near future because I wanted to speculate on where our own global society might end up. It’s a what-if scenario; with spies, and mega corporations, and a whole bunch of theoretical science and technology. The content is largely implied rather than explicitly portrayed; my aim was for the story to only be as dark and/or as graphic as the reader’s own mind. Likewise, the main protagonist is deliberately non-gender specific – that was probably the most challenging aspect to write.”


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