A New Ulster – Go Fund Me! Proposal 2015

ntended Usage Of Revenue Generated:
Third Anniversary Print Run – Library copies of all of the editions so far, reprinted in full colour.
Special Third Anniversary Edition Print Run – The very best of A New Ulster’s submissions from the past three years, collated and reprinted in full colour; along with new essays, articles, and other bonus content.
Replacement Equipment – A New Ulster urgently needs a replacement computer and updated software if the publication is going to remain viable. Bluntly put, no money will equal there being no more editions of A New Ulster beyond October 2015.
Costs Of Living Stipend For All Editorial Staff – They lend their skills and their free time every month to enable other writers, poets, and artists to display their work. So far, they have not received any payment for this.

How Can You Help?
Simply donate £20. Encourage others to consider doing the same.

What Will You Get In Recognition For Your Help?
Everyone who donates will receive a copy of the Special Third Anniversary Edition – not available for purchase or download anywhere else. In addition, you will receive an honourable mention in A New Ulster, the prestige of being a supporter of the Arts, and of course the warm feeling generated by doing a nice thing for someone else.


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