Look Closer – The Devils Are In The Details…


The Devils Are In The Details…

The above statement has its roots in those amazing lithographs from the Medieval era. It also applies to Look Closer (Amos Greig) – a vividly coloured image that forms the basis of the cover artwork for debut novel In the Canyons of Shadow and Light (Emily Donoho).

The piece in question was painstakingly hand drawn with key elements of the novel in mind. Familiar landmarks such as the Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and New York State Supreme Court Building mingle with burning A-Trains and brownstones. A deliberate fracture pattern combined with stark, illogical colours mirrors the mental and physical trauma endured by the central protagonist. The artist has also attempted to convey the style of a rough sketch – as though the image were a Technicolor rendering of Detective Boswell’s own crime scene drawings.

As to the devils, as the title suggests, look closer…

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