Long time silence

I apologise for the delay in updating this blog. I’ve been distracted lately with hospital tests and waiting for results. My family has the potential for a genetic mutation which triggers cancer. In essence the mutation is called Lynch Syndrome which affects the MSH6 gene a trigger which can malfunction. My dad has it, two of my aunts and several of my cousins. For some of them the diagnosis arrived to late to prevent the cancer from forming.

My own results have finally come back I’m cancer free and more importantly I don’t have the defect. This is quite a relief I’ve been worried sick over it and been having difficulty sleeping.

In other news A New Ulster has a new website A New Ulster Website. We’ve produced several new monthly issues and another poetry anthology all of which can be found at the site. We also recommended several poems for poetry prizes from the issue that is not my own 🙂 . I have heard that work on my first collection is still in progress.

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