Opening Up

In 2016 I’d like to use my blog to promote poetry with particular relevance to the environment and animal rights. If you have an event, a collection or even a poem you would like to share I&#…

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Colon cancer

I’ve had some disturbing news related to the above headline. In the 90’s my aunt died from colon cancer, my grandfather died from cancer and several other family members as well.

Last year my dad had a really bad cancer scare he had a massive tumour which nearly killed him. They removed the cancer and some polyps he has been on a special diet due to the amount of his intestine they had to remove. He also had to have his appendix removed they also carried out genetic testing and his results have come back. Dad has a genetic anomaly which means his cancer was caused by a defect sadly this means we all need to be tested.

My families quite big so its a huge shock for us all I’ve already had a cancer scare when I was a kid my chances of having cancer sit around 16% if any of us have this gene then the chances of having cancer jump to about 50%

It sucks however I intend to live my life as well as I can granted I haven’t written a poem in ages way too much to think about at the moment.


Am I scared? Yes but what am I supposed to do about it.

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Northern Ireland and Brexit – Part 1

With a population of around 1.8 million – on a par with somewhere like Kent – it’s perhaps not surprising why Northern Ireland has been largely side-lined by the general Brexit press co…

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New Short Fiction from Ireland

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Been a while hasn’t it :)

I’m really sorry about the delay in posting on the blog real life got in the way. My father had bowel cancer he’s been under going treatment and had surgery thankfully he fully recovered.

I’ve been having hospital treatments as well for my back and left leg, I’ve nerve damage resulting in numbness in the dermis and loss of power through the leg. Funny thing is I’ve sort of learnt to cope with it. I’ve taken a back seat towards my own poetry and concentrated on the treatments instead.

Finally my wife was in hospital (see what I mean about life getting in the way) she fainted and hit her head there’s upcoming hospital appointments to try and get to the bottom of that.

A New Ulster is still going strong I’ve been very busy with that this year producing not one but two special anthologies as well as the traditional monthly issue hard to believe sometimes that I’ve been doing this for four years without any money 🙂 for those who want to check out our issues.


We also did a Poetry Ireland Anthology



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We’re crowdsourcing: submit your poem!

Bennison Books is crowdsourcing poetry! No, we don’t want your money: we want your words.

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Death Before Life

We’re delighted to feature a blog post from a guest this week – Lisburn poet, Laura Cameron, also one of the thirty writers taking part in the Death Box project. The photograph, chosen …

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